Thursday, 17 June 2010

Brief: Initial Ideas

Third year is nearly upon us and it is time for me to start developing my individual film.
I want to persue a few ideas throughout the summer months and narrow them down to one final idea by September, where I will push further with just one project and collate it all together for my presentation.

I have a few ideas for my film so far, which are
  • Animation on a bus: character study, could be confrontation on the bus or it could travel through very cartoony worlds. Would be very caricatured and stylised.
  • A performance piece: an animated version of a performance, like a music video or a character on stage dancing with effects lighting and interesting environment. Could have a circus theme as I have reference for that already.
  • An adventure: hero after a treasure ala Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. Lush environments possible such as jungles and temples, allowing for a mixture of human and nature, as well as allowing creativity with the characters.

I am going to start looking into these for now as I can get a lot of varied research for all of them before I get overloaded with ideas.

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