Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bus Photograph Research One

These images were taken on a bus from Swadlincote to Burton On Trent. Being Midland buses, they are not as advanced as the ones in London and do not tell you where you are and also do not have a screen telling you the name of each bus stop.

Obviously the key features of the bus are the large windows, the hand rails for people standing with the stop buttons attached, the seating arrangement with two sideways seats at the front of the bus, and also the advertisments that align the roof. These would need to be included in a design for the bus.

The next two pictures were taken quickly whilst inside the bus, and could show a point of view perspective of the world outside. They are both of the bus stop. In this case, the stop is in a proper bus station with lots of stops around it, so I was able to take a picture of another bus driving through the second image. Of course, this is not the case for all bus stops and many do not even have the seating area to wait for the buses. This will show a change in area for the bus stops, and the main ones such as this may provide a good starting and ending point to provide bookends to the journey.

Infact the whole story could be signposted by the bus stops and the names on them.

The glass provides a kind of shield between the people that would have been waiting and the people on the bus. They seem like a kind of cattle shed or prison block to keep the waiters together, which could be shown from them looking through the glass to people passing by in cars. Part of the story could even be provided by the waiting for the bus before the main action begins upon it.

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