Friday, 23 July 2010

First Adventure Storyboard

After my research into the Mayan history and also the shot from Family Guy here is the first storyboard for the introduction to the Mayan pyramid.

It begins with an establishing shot showing the jungle skyline and the camera zooms into the area where our adventurer is exploring.

There is then a wide shot of him running through the jungle and the camera tracks him so it is as though the audience is joining him and running alongside.

He then comes to a halt because bushes are stopping him progressing, so it cuts to an extreme close up to gauge his reaction, and a point of view to show him attempt to move the bushes out the way.

However, he hears a noise as he is about to do so, which is to indicate that he is being followed and also the tone of the film that it is going to be a bit eerie and jumpy. Finally the POV returns to move the bushes aside like a curtain. The shot then changes to another mid-extreme long shot showing the pyramid top above the canopy, increasing tension and the wonder of what is about to come...

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