Sunday, 18 July 2010

Pyramid Modelling Attempt One

This is an extremely quick first attempt at modelling a Mayan Pyramid.

I started using one of the internet reference images on an Image Plane as a guide for the size of the pyramid.

I then simply used Polygon Primative cubes to keep making the stepped Pyramid. I replicated each step using ctrl+D then changed it from there rather than keep making cubes.

Quickly rendered view showing it coming together.

I have then started to add the step features to make it evident that it is a Mayan Pyramid.

I also quickly added the reference image as a Lambert to the pyramid and this is what it looked like rendered. The UVs are not quite in line but it was a quick experiment to see that the pyramid would look like.
This is a to be continued attempt for the night, and I will add more details to the step area and also the temple at the top tomorrow hopefully.

Evidently, the steps are very rough and need to be rounded off but I am pleased with my quick effort. I do think when modelled properly and with the right surrounding environment even this could be used in our film.

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