Saturday, 24 July 2010

Out and About Inspiration

These photographs were taken over the last few days, I found them quite interesting while around Burton-On-Trent and Derbyshire

Firstly, this hat was seen in Claire's Accessories. I thought it was similar to the hat I had drawn for my Michael Clark character for the adventure story, and especially with the snake skin it is a little bit different and makes his character more unique. It could also feature in his back story that it was the first deadly snake he encountered and he uses it has his good luck charm. Or something along those lines.

I started looking into different lighting effects. This blue light was actually in Morrisons toilets but hey it is very effective. It could be used to a Holy or ghostly affect, as it is quite overpowering and eerie. This could be achieved using a false light like this (artificial light) maybe left by people that have previously explored the dig site, or the light could change for an ancient Mayan figure to appear.

The last two are also light related images. The one above appeared when sequins were placed in the sun. I think it looks really effective and could be placed around a water source or near the King for a shimmering light coming from the lights rays. The light ray could be placed to give off this sort of effect from the jewels or the silver shells on the King.
The image below was from a the lights in a nightclub called Mosh in Derby. I liked the colours of the light rays and shows how light can be manipulated for certain effects just by its colour. The shafts of light could also be used in our film for natural light from the outside world through cracks in the pyramid's architecture.

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