Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lost King of the Maya

I really like this shot with the silhouette of the 'hero' and the only natural light source behind him, it is ambiguous and creates tension, which would be great for an establishing shot of inside of our pyramid, as well as being accurate.

Outside details could include the carvings below. Above shows the outside design of the pyramids, as well as showing the change in light levels compared to inside. This will provide a nice contast throughout the story and could make the darkness inside seem more mystical compared to this natural light.

More structures that we can use to populate the environment, and the picture below would make a really good texture on one of the chamber walls.

The drawing and the carving are very similar, so we could use this to make our work consistent and create 2d and 3d versions of the same images (probably of the King that resides in the pyramid).

The news story also said that there were lots of children's remains and skeletons on the site, so I took stills of these images to show what they may look like in real life. I am going to try and find tutorials on how to model skeletons as I feel that they are very intricate and it may be difficult to do. On the other hand, if all else fails, I can just put bones down on the ground as long as the skull and some indication of the ribs are there.

Finally, I liked this shot because it shows the trees surrounding the pyramid and I can imagine the hero running from behind the trees in the foreground towards the pyramid. It is also not a straight on view which I think makes the image more interesting.

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