Thursday, 26 August 2010

Michael Clarke Cartoon Style

This is a quick sketch following my research into Jak and Daxter, so I have made Michael's eyes bigger to make him more 'cartoony' and also given him a chin a bit like Hercules in the Disney film. I'm not quite sure about the eyes here and I think it will look better when I have taken more time on the image, but it is a start. He also needs the snakeskin hat, which may be used instead of the leather jacket or interchanged during the film (maybe in a flashback he is in the jacket because he would not need it in the Mayan jungle).

A quick overview of the basic costume, without the hat or jacket:

Reasons for the costume:
  • Cross necklace: I think that Michael would not be an out and out follower of God, but I think he may call on him for help from time to time, especially when battling ancient Mayan kings. He wears the cross as a form of protection, it makes him feel better. It is also stereotypical for boyband members to wear such jewellery and I feel it suits Michael in this way.
  • White Tshirt: the white is to show that Michael is the hero of the piece, and depending on the texturing may have some sort of small design upon it to make it look more aesthetically pleasing as Michael is about style as much as substance. It is a tight Tshirt to show off his muscles and I also think it would be easier to model this way.
  • Jeans with Braces: the jeans again are to do with style and practicality, they are easy to wear without just being practical shorts or adventure wear. The braces are for style (as taken from my Justin Timberlake inspiration), but I also think they could be used as holsters for Michael's gun. I am going to look more into this for my final designs.
  • Walking Boots: about the only truely practical thing in his costume, sensible shoes for any possibilities that he may come across.
  • Satchel Bag: Michael only has one gun so he holds his bag on the opposite side to it. The satchel is conveniant because it holds alot within it (for example some sort of treasure he hopes to find or map book he is using) but again it is more stylish than a rucksack and does not slow Michael down by carrying a lot on his person.

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