Sunday, 22 August 2010

Walk Cycle- Rare

walkcycle from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

This walk was created using blocked out animation which I had help with whilst at Rare, the rig is courtesy of them.

I think the placement really helped the way I will animate in the future and I will definitely block out using using stepped keys in the future as I think it really helps to concentrate on the posing and makes the animation look so much better. This was especially pushed at Rare and if that is what they do in the Industry then I must try to learn to adapt to their workflow.

The second video shows the blocked out form of a dance sequence from Scream, which i blogged before with Michael and Janet Jackson. I think it looks really good and I am going to try and spline the animation and tweak it this week if I can. I also have a nearly complete weight lift that I will also upload

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