Thursday, 26 August 2010

Walking Boots and Gun Holsters Research

After my inital drawings, I think I need to do a bit more research into the actual objects I am going to be using.

I first started looking at walking boots:

These are quite manly boots, but I think that the style of them would not match the rest of the costume and he would look a little odd. I think the look needs to be more sleek and trainer like to make him look more modern.

I did like the look of these boots more... until I found that they were for women!
I think these are right for Michael's character. They are stylish, the black is quite cool but the white also shows he is the hero ( I would probably make the laces completely white for ease of texturing and simplifying the cartoon image). They look practical and more useful than trainers when running through the jungle, but they do not look too heavy weight that running will be an issue. I am going to use walking boots like this for his character.

Next, I looked into Gun Holsters, as I think this can be played with to make something unique for his character.
The first image is actually not of a holster, but a holster type bag for men. I found this quite humourous, but I can imagine Michael looking at himself in the mirror this way. He is a poser and knows he is good at what he does.

These are real hosters, although they are mainly used by the military and police. They also just sling around the back over the arms, whereas I would like Michael's braces to influence the shape that they go over the side of the body not around the back.

This was just for fun, but kind of interesting with the one arm and the strap going around the chest.

The next too images are more like what I want, especially the last one as I think the gun should be lower, especially so the strap of the satchel does not interfere with him taking the gun from the holster or tangling up with the brace. Obviously the bottom parts would go further down the body so that they are attached to the jeans rather than acting on their own or behind the back.

From this research I am going to design Michael's boots and brace holster, I think this fitted with his snakeskin hat will start to see the character come together and his attitude really show to the audience.

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